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Brief bit of backstory:
Bea and her family are the only people living on the planet- Bea and Helen Highwater, their cousin Gertie Harry, and Abe- Bea's evil clone. There is a variety of odd creatures and animals inhabiting the world, along with various public domain characters (Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, Dracula, Peter Pan and the like), while characters like Mannequin Monroe and Joanne the ghost baby make appearances.
After Helen died, the remaining characters  all went through a change in appearance- most importantly, Bea grew her hair out. As opposed to the constantly changing colour of her shaved head, she remains with black hair nowadays.
Gertie ran away to an unknown location in grief, leaving Bea and Abe in The Author Docks, a sprawling city

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Gertie Harry character design by Shayleen Hulbert

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